The Rodtech Brass Click Advantage

Introducing Rodtech’s unparalleled Chimney Sweeping Equipment featuring the Rodtech Brass Click patented rods, which come in 5 unique sizes, all a meter in length, setting them apart from the commonplace 3ft rods found in the market. These rods stand out as the most cost-effective rods per foot in the industry.

Mini Click Range

Our specially designed rods offer maximum flexibility, capable of navigating 45° or even 90° bends. They feature bespoke miniature ferrules and sweeping heads designed to fit into even the tightest access points.

Naval Grade Brass for Complete Corrosion Resistance

At Rodtech, we utilize only the highest-quality materials, including UK-sourced Naval Grade Brass. This material, known for its nonferrous properties, has been the choice for chimney sweeping equipment for centuries. Rodtech Brass Click ferrules are corrosion-resistant, ensuring unrivalled longevity compared to aluminium or stainless steel.

Rodtech Brass Click Lock (single button advanced locking system)

Our patented single-button locking system allows for quick and secure rod connection and disconnection. The D-shaped ferrule ensures a secure connection, and a simple flick of the wrist in the opposite direction unlocks the rods. This advanced system also aids in direction identification when using a camera.

Anti-Snag Ferrule

To prevent snagging on shelves or flue lips, all male ferrules feature a unique design. The centrifugal force ensures that the ferrule lifts itself off obstructions and continues down without damage, reducing the risk of cuts or damage during maximum flexibility.

Hexagonal Co-polymer Stranding

Rodtech sweeping heads use advanced co-polymer stranding with six sides that effectively remove deposits layer by layer, ensuring a thorough clean. This design minimizes the risk of digging into creosote and skipping over areas, as often seen with rounded strands.

Buttonless Drill Driver

Rodtech’s click technology allows for rod connection without a button on the drill driver, saving time and ensuring secure attachment.

Temperature resistant Rods

Rodtech rods are made from a unique copolymer, guaranteeing their functionality in extreme weather conditions, withstanding temperatures as low as -35°C. They can even be sterilized for special cleaning needs.

Meter Length Rods

The one-meter length of our rods is essential for evaluating the height of obstructions within the flue accurately.

Branded ferrules

Our Rodtech Ferrules are prominently branded, assuring customers of their investment in the highest quality Brass Click Rods.

Securely Crimped

Each size of Rodtech Rods undergoes machine crimping with precision, ensuring the ferrule’s security without compromising the materials’ integrity. Crimping is the most efficient manufacturing method, eliminating protruding parts that could damage or catch in a liner.


For added peace of mind, Rodtech Brass Click Rods come with a comprehensive 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. We are committed to assisting our customers with any questions or concerns, always available via phone or email to provide support.