The Rodtech Brass Click Advantage

Rodtech Brass Click painted rods come in 5 unique sizes all of which are a meter in length as opposed to most 3ft rods on the market, making them the most cost-effective rod per foot.

Mini Click Range

These rods have been designed for maximum flexibility capable of going round a 45° or even 90° bend with bespoke miniature ferrules and sweeping head that can fit into the most restricted of access points.

Naval Grade Brass for Complete Corrosion Resistance

Rodtech only use the highest quality material in the manufacturing of their Rods this includes UK sourced Navel grade Brass, for hundreds of years chimney sweeping equipment has been made from brass due to its nonferrous properties. Rodtech is proud to continue this tradition Rodtech Brass click ferrules are not susceptible to corrosion compared to Aluminium or stainless steel giving unrivalled longevity.

Rodtech Brass Click Lock (single button advanced locking system)

This patented design allows the user a single button for connection and disconnection. The D shaped Ferrule does not rely on the button to keep the Rods connected, as the Rods Spin, they lock to together remaining secure, to disconnect the rods a simple flick of the wrist in the opposite direction that the rods were spinning while still connected to the drill the user will hear a “Click” place the connected ferrules in the palm of a hand to take the weight off and use the free hand to press the button. This advanced single button locking system allows for direction identification when using a camera.

Anti-Snag Ferrule

This unique design has been added to all male ferrules to prevent catching on any shelves or lips within the flue. As the centrifugal force spins the Rod against the surface, the contours of this unique ferrule will lift itself off the obstruction and continue down with no damage sustained. A traditional rod can snag on the way down getting caught and increasing the risk of being cut or damaged, especially when at maximum flexibility.

Hexagonal Co-polymer Stranding

Rodtech sweeping heads use an advanced co polymer stranding; the six sides spin against the deposit removing it layer by layer to ensure a completely clean, a rounded strand may dig into the creosote and then skip over parts leaving areas of build-up The hexagonal strands will clean more thoroughly with fewer passes than other standing types.

Buttonless Drill Driver

Rodtech click technology is capable of having no button on the drill driver to connect the rods while working from the fireplace/appliance. With the use of centrifugal force as the Rod spins it will lock to the drill driver, to remove simply stop the drill and slide the rod off, Saving time.

Temperature resistant Rods

 The Rodtech Rods are made from a unique copolymer which allows for use in extreme weather conditions without worry of failure. They have been designed to be fully functional in -35° maintaining their flexibility; the Rods can even be sterilised in case they are ever used on a bee’s nest and need a clean.

Meter Length Rods

This is important for easy valuation as to the height of any obstruction within the flue.

Branded ferrules

Rodtech Ferrules are Branded to show the customer that they have purchased the Ultimate Quality of Brass Click Rods.

Securely Crimped

Each Size Rodtech Rod is machine crimped with the exact amount of pressure to secure the ferrule to the Rod without affecting the integrity of either material.
Crimping is the most efficient way of manufacturing a rod as it leaves no protruding parts that could damage or catch in a liner.


Rodtech Brass click Rods come with a comprehensive 1 Year Manufactures warranty, We go above and beyond to help our customers with any issues they may have and are always available on the phone or email to answer any questions they may have.