45° Chimney Rod Guide

£11.50 Excluding VAT

Designed to make sweeping easier and cleaner. The rod travels through the tube and the vacuum fits on the side of the T piece keeping the rods clean.

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The 45° Chimney Rod Guide is a new 45 ° shape to reduce the amount of debris coming out of the end of the 90 ° T 
It’s designed to make sweeping easier and cleaner with this piece of equipment, the rod travels through the tube and the vacuum fits on the side of the 45 ° T piece stopping the rods from becoming damaged where bends could score the rod.
Dimensions 70 cm long (27.5 inches) internal diameter (30mm 1.25 inches)

How to use the 45° Chimney Rod Guide :
  1. Put the power sweeping rod in the rod guide.
  2. Attach the power sweeping brush head.
  3. Put the brush into the flue pipe/chimney.
  4. Slide the rod guide into the flue/chimney.
  5. Use standard dust control as you would usually but with the vacuum tube attached to the rod guide.

At Rodtech we manufacture and supply the World’s Leading Rotary Power Sweeping Equipment. As well as a multitude of Chimney Tools, Dust Management Products, Chimney Sweeping Documents and Chimney Sweep Training

Rodtech Equipment is used all over the world and by members of most leading Associations including NACS and The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.

Additional information

Weight0.347 kg
Dimensions100 × 90 × 45 mm


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