Whitworth/Lockfast Eyoyo CCTV Camera Holder Head

New Rodtech CCTV camera holder block.


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Whitworth/Lockfast Eyoyo CCTV Camera Holder

The Whitworth/Lockfast Eyoyo CCTV Camera Holder is designed to screw onto the top of any 3/4 inch Whitworth and Lockfast rod to give forward-facing footage of flues or ducts.
the Head has a grub screw to fit securely to the camera and comes with 300mm Strands to centralise the camera in the chimney / Flue.
This head is designed to fit with the small Eyoyo Fishing Wired CCTV Camera.

At Rodtech we manufacture and supply the World’s Leading Rotary Power Sweeping Equipment. As well as a multitude of Chimney Tools, Dust Management Products, Chimney Sweeping Documents and Chimney Sweep Training

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions6 × 5 × 5 cm


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