10″/16″ Tamar ‘MiniMole’ Medium Brush

Combining traditional and power sweeping to form a balance for sweeping time tested traditional brick chimneys, where the mortar is starting to fail.

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The 16in/10in Tamar Mole Brush Combines traditional sweeping heads with modern power sweeping technology. Therefore, forming a perfect balance for sweeping traditional brick built chimneys, where the mortar is starting to fail. With a unique layered design consisting of two diameters of Ultrafine perlon bristles. The smaller set act as a stabiliser keeping the head centred in the flue. While the outer bristles work to clean square corners. The 16in/10in Tamar Mole brush is to sweep flues 9″ and smaller

In addition, this brush requires a half inch Whitworth adapter. Sold separately.

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Dimensions37 × 15.5 × 10 cm


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