Simpatico (Buttonlok) to Mini Click Adapter (B1-3-1)

This reducing adapter is designed to allow you to connect the Buttonlock and simpatico rods to the Rodtech Mini Click system.


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Introducing the Simpatico (Buttonlok) to Mini Click Adapter – a revolutionary solution that elevates the versatility of your Rodtech Mini Click system. Designed to seamlessly connect the Rodtech Click to the Mini Click rods, this adapter unlocks a new level of control and efficiency in your chimney sweeping endeavors.

Engineered with precision, the Simpatico to Mini Click Adapter allows you to integrate the Rodtech Click with the Mini Click system, providing a streamlined and cohesive experience. This compatibility ensures a secure and reliable connection between the Rodtech Click drill adapter (with button) and the Mini Click rods, empowering you with unparalleled control and maneuverability during your chimney maintenance tasks.

It’s important to note that the adapter is crafted from unanodized aluminum, a durable material chosen for its structural integrity. However, users should exercise caution when working in sulphurous flues, as the material may be more susceptible to corrosion in such environments. To safeguard the longevity of your adapter, regular and appropriate cleaning is recommended, preventing potential damage and ensuring sustained performance.

At Rodtech, we take pride in being the industry leaders in Rotary Power Sweeping Equipment. Our commitment extends beyond just providing exceptional products like the Simpatico to Mini Click Adapter. We offer a comprehensive range of chimney tools, cutting-edge dust management products, informative chimney sweeping documents, and top-notch chimney sweep training programs.

Elevate your chimney sweeping experience with Rodtech – where innovation, quality, and expertise converge to redefine the standards of the industry. Trust in the Simpatico to Mini Click Adapter to enhance your Mini Click system, and experience the unmatched precision and efficiency that Rodtech is renowned for.

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