Rodtech waterproof Hearth Sheet (WH6-D1)

Black waterproof hearth sheet – Rodtech branded


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This stunning UK manufactured Rodtech hearth sheet is machine hemmed on all 4 sides and made from non slip material. The sheet measures 500mm x 700mm. The waterproof material is backed by a non slip PVC membrane, ensuring that soot or debris removed as part of the chimney sweeping will never penetrate the hearth sheet. Due to the waterproof backing if you are unlucky enough to put your sheet on a damp patch, no moisture will penetrate. Easy dry features means your sheet will ready to use with minimal delay, and can be wiped clean for most applications. The Rodtech hearth sheet comes in black to minimise soot marks on your sheets and is embroidered with the Rotech logo to mark. This product can be washed by machine.

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Weight0.139 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 5 cm


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