Click to Mini Click Adapter (B1-3)

This reducing adapter is designed to allow you to connect Standard Click Rods with the 8mm or 10mm Rods.


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Click to Mini Click Adapter

The Click to Mini Click Adapter enables you to connect the Rodtech Click rods to the Rodtech Mini Click rods. This allows more control when using the equipment, by allowing connection of the Click lock rods to the 8mm or 10mm rods. This adapter requires the use of the Rodtech Click drill driver (with button).

This Adapter allows you to use an 8mm or 10mm leader rod with standard click rods. This allows click rods to follow the 8mm or 10mm rod allowing it to traverse tighter bends than would be achievable if using just the standard click rod.

  • Allows Click rods to traverse tighter bends
  • Allows the use of mini click at the front of the run to get more length.
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Weight0.084 kg
Dimensions7 × 2.5 × 3 cm


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