Rodtech Mega KIT

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If you are just starting out as a Chimney Sweep this may be the ideal kit for you.
The Rodtech Click Mega Kit consists of most of the equipment you need to start professionally sweeping chimneys



Rodtech Mega Kit (No CCTV)

The Rodtech Mega Kit (No CCTV) is the ideal kit if you are just starting out as a chimney sweep.

The Rodtech Click Mega Kit consists of most of the equipment you need to start professionally sweeping chimneys including:


10 x 10mm Mini Click Flexible Chimney Sweeping Rods 1 meter length
10 x 12mm Rodtech Click Chimney Sweeping Rods for lined appliances
10 x 16mm Rodtech Click Chimney Sweeping Rods for Open Fireplaces


450 Bullet Head with Twin Stranding for Mini Click
Super Scrub Head 300mm
Rodtech Click Bullet Head 250mm
Rodtech Click Bullet Head 550mm
Rodtech Click Chain Tar Remover Head


450mm Strands
300mm Strands
600mm Strands
Super Scrub Replacement Strands 300mm


Mini Click Buttonless Drill Driver
Rodtech Click Buttonless Drill Driver
Rodtech Click Drill Driver with Button
Rodtech Click to M10 Brush Adaptor
Rodtech Click to 1/2″ Whitworth Brush Adaptor
Rodtech Click to 3/4″ Whitworth Adaptor

Other equipment that you will get in this kit

Full Sponge Blocking System

This set of sponges allows you to seal openings in a variety of applications. Therefore, enabling dust control in a range of quick to seal uses. It comprises of 1, 2 or 3 sponges for open fires dependent on the height of the opening.

It has a sponge that allows you to seal a sweeping point.

Finally, there is a sponge to seal off Parkrays and Stove openings.

This set contains five sponges which can be used in any configuration, to speed up the sealing process whilst containing soot and dust.

It covers most everyday appliances with an alternative to taping up sheets

Black Waterproof Laydown Sheet

 This UK manufactured lay-down sheet is hemmed on all 4 sides and made from the same heavy weight, hard wearing Cordura is used for our rod bags.

The sheet measures 1.5M x 2M (4ft 11iches x 6ft 6inches)

The Nylon material has a backing made of a waterproof membrane. Therefore, ensuring that any soot or debris removed will never penetrate the sheet.

The waterproof backing ensures that if you are unlucky enough to put your sheet on a damp patch, no moisture will penetrate.

Easy dry features means your sheet will ready to use with minimal delay, and can be wiped clean for most applications.

The Rodtech lay down sheet comes in black and has the Rodtech logo embroidered in. Giving it a sleek professional finish that inspires confidence.

This product is washable by machine on a cool wool wash setting.

14oz Denim Laydown Sheet


Rodtech branded 14oz Denim Lay Down Sheet.
Approximate Dimensions – 153 cm (60 inches) x 203 cm (80 inches).

Hearth Sheet

Rodtech branded Hearth Sheet.
Approximate Dimensions – 60 cm (24 inches) x 40 cm (16 inches).

Zipped Rodbag

This enclosed zipped rod bag with large pocket comes from talking to sweeps and asking what they want?

The brief was a bag that could stop the dust sheet from coming into contact with the dirty rods. A rod bag that could comfortably house the rods for confined areas of working.

The suggestions were that the rods should go into the bag easily. In addition, the rod bag should be able to hold the rods and dirt inside the bag when carrying the rods in and out of a customer’s house.  

After extensive testing by sweeps, the new Zipped Rod Bag with large Pocket is now ready for you to experience.

Unlike the previous zipped rod bag, the zip on the new rod bag zips all the way around the top making this fully enclosed.

This rod bag also features a generous pocket on the side to keep your most useful tools handy and secure.

Sootsheet with Rodguide

This new Sheeting Bundle, comes with a Rod-guide to protect your rods from any sharp edges on tight bends or the throat plate, nobody likes having marks on their equipment.

Simply Attach your vacuum on one part of the T piece, and then put your rods through the other to keep any deposits on the other side of the sheet.
The hose comes out the other side to direct your rods safely to the flue pipe.

In the middle there are two halves that connect through the sheet with the hole in the middle, this piece serves to stop the sheet fraying, and as a connecting piece for your T-Piece and Rod-guide to push into.

For instructional purposes, this will come with your order:

Stove Sheet (with Rod-guide) Instruction manual

Attach the 45o T Piece to the front centre block of the sheet

To protect your rods; attach the Rod-guide tubing to the

back end of the centre block on the reverse of the sheet

Strong Stove sealing Magnets

Stove Sealing Strip Magnets – Powerful magnetic strips. These magnets will hold your chosen dust control method onto the stove or fireplace opening. Fantastic accessories to have in your kit to reduce the cost of tape.

Pack includes:

  • Small – 203mm x 2
  • Medium – 305mm x 2
  • Large – 457mm x 2

Spinner Handle

This spinner handle is designed to eliminate the need to hold a spinning rod in your hand.
Push a rod through the hole while power sweeping to stabilise the rod without the risk of the rod snagging a glove

RodGuide with Y-Piece

The 45° Chimney Rod Guide is a new 45 ° shape to reduce the amount of debris coming out of the end of the 90 ° T 
It’s designed to make sweeping easier and cleaner with this piece of equipment, the rod travels through the tube and the vacuum fits on the side of the 45 ° T piece stopping the rods from becoming damaged where bends could score the rod.
Dimensions 70 cm long (27.5 inches) internal diameter (30mm 1.25 inches)

How to use the 45° Chimney Rod Guide :

  1. Put the power sweeping rod in the rod guide.
  2. Attach the power sweeping brush head.
  3. Put the brush into the flue pipe/chimney.
  4. Slide the rod guide into the flue/chimney.
  5. Use standard dust control as you would usually but with the vacuum tube attached to the rod guide.

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions100 × 26 × 26 cm


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