Rechargeable Mini Light

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Introducing our new Rechargeable Mini Light: a versatile and compact light designed to enhance your chimney sweeping experience! This powerful tool can be easily attached to your gear and clothing using the karabiner, providing you with essential illumination during your chimney sweeping tasks.

Key Features:

1. Safety First: The Rechargeable Mini Light comes with a strobe function, serving as an excellent safety light during low visibility conditions. This ensures you can work safely and efficiently, even in dimly lit areas.

2. Ideal for Professional Use: Whether you’re working on chimneys in cosy homes or tackling larger industrial projects, this mini light serves as the perfect companion for your chimney sweeping needs. Its 420 Lumens output allows for precise inspection and thorough cleaning.

3. Compact and Lightweight: At just 60mm x 40mm x 20mm and 44g, the Rechargeable Mini Light won’t weigh you down during extended work sessions. Its portability makes it easy to carry and handle while on the job.

4. Rechargeable and Long-lasting: Powered by a built-in 500 mAh large-capacity battery, the mini light offers a long runtime of 3 hours of continuous bright light. Quick charging through the USB Type-C port ensures you’re always ready for the next sweep.

5. Versatile Mounting Options: The magnetic design allows the light to attach securely to any metal surface, providing hands-free operation when needed. Additionally, the 180° foldable stand offers multiple friction stops, enabling you to position the light at various angles for precise illumination during chimney inspections.

6. Tailored Light Modes: With four adjustable light modes (100%, 60%, 40%, and Strobe), you can tailor the brightness according to the specific requirements of each job.

7. Durable Construction: Encased in a robust metal casing and equipped with a reliable karabiner, the Rechargeable Mini Light is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. It’s designed to be sturdy enough to handle accidental drops, ensuring longevity in any challenging work environment.

Discover how the Rechargeable Mini Light can transform your chimney sweeping experience. Trust this compact, bright, and dependable light to assist you throughout autumn and winter, and during any outside activities you undertake. From chimney inspections to meticulous cleaning, let this versatile light become an essential tool in your toolkit. Don’t miss the chance to add this efficient and convenient light to your gear collection!

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