Bird Nest Remover Strands welded ends

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600mm (24 inch) Birds Nest Remover Replacement Steel Strands/cables. Also useful for removing tar deposits within brick and clay lined flues.

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600mm (24 inches) Birds Nest Remover Replacement Steel Strands/cables. The Power Brush birds nest removal head contains weld tipped stainless steel strands to enable the easy removal of bird and vermin nesting materials. The strands are also helpful in removing tar deposits within brick and clay-lined flues. This must not be used in metal-lined flues under any circumstances. The steel cables have had the tips welded for longer wearing use and safety, but they will fray with use, and precaution must be used as they can have sharp edges. Please refer to the manual.

Additional information

Weight0.180 kg
Dimensions600 × 10 × 10 mm


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