Mini Click Drill Driver (without button) (B1-1)

Rodtech Mini Click Drill Adapter (without Button)

This drill driver is designed to fit the Rodtech Mini Click system. It can’t fit to any other systems.


£19.50 Excluding VAT


The Rodtech Mini Click Drill Adapter (without Button) This drill adaptor has been specifically designed to fit with the Rodtech Mini Click system. It cannot connect to any other system or rods. This drill adaptor comes without a button, so it is only used for sweeping chimneys or vertical ducting from the bottom. This product has several design features to aid in power cleaning/sweeping. It has two flat sides, which enables the adaptor to place force onto its corresponding female part without the need for a locking button.
This also speeds up the process of power sweeping as you do not need to depress any buttons when removing the adaptor from the Rodtech Click equipment. Further, as it has two flat sides, it is much easier to line up to the rods in the flue. It works by using friction and force placed on the adaptor by the drill making it highly reliable. It also comes with the flat facet being marked with a permanent marker so that it is easy to see which way round the adaptor is when in use. Please refer to the manual for the best guidance on using all of our Rodtech equipment.

Additional information

Weight0.047 kg
Dimensions5 × 1 × 2 cm


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