Flue Pipe Soot Sheet with Trunk

Made from high quality, untreated natural cotton drill and incorporating either a narrow trumpet to suit our Nylon Flexi Rods or a wide trumpet (50mm dia) for a power sweeping guide.

Suitable for use with flues from 4″(100mm) to 8″(200mm).

Velcro strips temporarily hold the cloth in place, leaving you both hands-free to sweep the flue.

Additional securing methods can be used like duct tape or bands to hold the sheet in place.

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Designed for sealing around a flue pipe to ensure soot particles are kept within the flue, giving protection for furnishings and flooring.

The reinforced rod sleeve gives convenient access to the appliance.

Suitable for use on flue pipes from 100mm (4″) to 200mm (8″)

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Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm


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