900mm Super Scrub 3D Quantum Rodtech Click

3D Printed design Super Scrub head


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Introducing the revolutionary Superscrub Chimney Sweeping Head, meticulously engineered to enhance efficiency during strand replacement. Our innovative design streamlines the process, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Even with this advanced design, we recommend folding the strand in half before insertion to easily locate the midpoint. This small tip ensures swift and accurate strand placement.

Experience the pinnacle of performance with our 3D Printed version. Boasting a robust and exceedingly capable 3D-printed head which combines the durability and power of a traditional super scrub head while giving a more affordable product.

Say goodbye to cumbersome procedures – our sweeping strands slide out without the need to manipulate nuts or bolts. For forward-facing strands, a straightforward process awaits. Simply  undo the rod from the head and the strands can be removed downwards.

Strands included:
8 x 900mm
3 x 200mm 

Additional information

Weight0.22 kg
Dimensions60 × 10 × 10 cm


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