8mm Mini Click Kit

£410.52 Excluding VAT

This 8mm kit is designed for users cleaning; Gas flues, Biomass flues, Oil flues and Ducting.

The rods and head will fit through access as small as 25mm and can sweep a flue up to 125mm (5″).

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This 8mm kit is designed to clean Gas flues, Biomass flues, Oil flues, and Ducting. The rods and head will fit through access as small as 25mm and has a capacity to sweep a flue of 125mm (5 inches). The head and ferrules are brass, and therefore highly resistant to acidic environments. Due to the flexibility of these rods, you can sweep flues with some of the most incredible bends. The rods will support up to 10 meters of flue (33 feet). Due to the flexibility of the rods (able to be tied in a loose knot), it is recommended that the size of flue and height of flue is not exceeded. Should you wish to sweep a flue taller than 10m, add the 10mm rods behind the 8mm and continue cleaning. The kit comes with 10 meters of the rod, drill drivers (with and without button) so you can clean flues from the top or bottom, extra strands and a brush head. Due to the rods being only 8mm in thickness, they can be cut, so it is advisable to use a rod guide (included in the kit) wherever possible. Also, be very aware of sharp edges (such as rain caps) that can score or cut the rod. Always spin the rods and keep moving in a forward or backward direction. Should you stop this motion and rotate the rods in a static position, there is the possibility you could cut the rod due to a sharp edge.

Rodtech Click 1000 x 08mm Rod x 10
Rodtech Click 300mm Duct Cleaning Brush
Rodtech Click  Mini Click Drill (without button)
Chimney Rod Guide
300MM Replacement Strands
Rod Guide and hose
Spinner Handle
Standard Rodbag
Van Sticker

Additional information

Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions1000 × 100 × 100 cm


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