4k 360 Pan & Tilt Camera replacement Head

Introducing the Rodtech 360 Camera Holder – Your Ultimate Chimney Inspection Solution

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Enhance your chimney sweeping experience with our cutting-edge Rodtech 360 Camera Holder, a versatile tool designed for optimal performance and durability. This innovative product is divided into two sections to cater to various chimney sizes and complexities.
A) **Main Head for Precision Exploration:**
The primary head seamlessly connects to your rods, featuring a forward-facing mount for our 360 pan and tilt camera. Equipped with four robust forward-facing hard wires, this section safeguards the 360 camera head against scratches while navigating chimney interiors. Additionally, 16 x 300mm nylon bristles assist in centralizing the head within lined chimneys, ensuring a thorough and efficient view.
B) **Rugby Ball Shaped Adaptor for Versatility:**
The second section, a rugby ball-shaped adaptor, is ideal for inspecting larger chimneys, such as inglenooks. Simply insert section one into the rugby ball and connect it to your rods. The double male-ended buttonlok adaptor, affixed to the top of the rugby section, allows for the attachment of an extra buttonlok whip head or manual brush. This configuration facilitates the centralization of the camera head in larger chimneys. For added flexibility, invert the entire head for downward CCTV viewing without compromising the positioning of the brush above the camera.
Why Choose Rodtech 360 Camera Holder?
– **Adaptable Design:** Two-section structure caters to both standard and larger chimneys.
– **Protective Features:** Four forward-facing hard wires shield the camera head, preventing scratches.
– **Efficient Centralization:** 16 nylon bristles aid in positioning the head within lined chimneys.
– **Versatile Adaptor:** Rugby ball-shaped design for inspecting inglenooks and other sizable chimneys.
– **Expandable Configuration:** Double male-ended buttonlok adaptor allows for additional attachments.
– **360 Pan and Tilt Camera:** Capture comprehensive views for thorough chimney inspections.
Invest in the Rodtech 360 Camera Holder for unparalleled chimney sweeping precision and adaptability. Elevate your chimney maintenance game with this advanced tool that ensures optimal performance and longevity. Order yours today for a seamless and efficient chimney sweeping experience.

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Rodtech Click, Mini Click, Buttonlok


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