300mm Duct Cleaning Brush – Mini Click

£46.22 Excluding VAT

300mm Mini Click Duct Cleaning Brush / whip head, has been designed for use with the 8mm Mini Click system. Can fit through an opening as small as 50mm.

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300mm Duct Cleaning Brush / whip head engineered for use with the 8mm Mini Click rods. It is able to spin both clockwise and anticlockwise. Can fit through an opening as small as 50mm without losing any performance. Ideal for sweeping oil/gas and ducting flues. The hexagogonal co polymer stranding cuts through deposits much better than a round strand. The brass construction prevents corrosion found in steel or aluminium parts.


  • Compact Size.
  • Brass Construction.
  • Hexagonal stranding.
Compatible with both the 8mm and 10mm Mini Click Rods.

Additional information

Weight0.067 kg
Dimensions300 × 100 × 70 mm


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