250mm Toolless Bullet Head – Rodtech Click (RO-20)

Another first for power sweeping heads. The 250mm (11inch) bullet head has a simple and effective way to re-strand meaning you no longer require an Allen key or socket set to change your strands.


£53.00 Excluding VAT


Rodtech Click 250mm Toolless Bullet Head.

The 250mm toolless bullet head features a simple and effective way to re-strand. Therefore, eliminating the need for any tools to change your strands. Making it the most user-friendly head on the market. In addition, the aluminium body is precision engineered for optimal balance inside the flue keeping it in the sweeping sweet spot within the liner.

For larger flues please use the 550mm Click Bullet Head

This Head is best suited to:
  • Lined Appliances

Additional information

Weight0.079 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 7.5 cm


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