MiniClick 10mm Kit

This 10mm kit is designed for cleaning; Solid fuel, gas, oil & Biomass flues, biomass tubes and ducting.

The rods and head will fit into access as small as 25mm and can sweep a flue up to 150mm (6″).


£480.00 Excluding VAT

White 10mm MiniClick (C5-B) × 2

1000 x 10mm mini click chimney cleaning rods- the newest edition to our award winning click range, for use in flues up to 150mm where access is restricted.

Black 10mm MiniClick (C5-B) × 8

1000 x 10mm mini click chimney cleaning rods- the newest edition to our award winning click range, for use in flues up to 150mm where access is restricted.

Rodtech Mini-Click 450mm Twin Bullet head (RO-12)

We have enhanced the existing bullet head to incorporate more stands to sweep solid fuel appliances. Designed to sweep solid fuel, oil/gas and ducting flues.

Mini Click Drill Driver (without button) (B1-1)

Rodtech Mini Click Drill Adapter (without Button)

This drill driver is designed to fit the Rodtech Mini Click system. It can't fit to any other systems.

In stock (can be backordered)

25m Reel Co-polymer Stranding (G1-6)

Use this reel of 25m Co-polymer Stranding to replace worn-out stranding in your chimney sweeping heads. Buying stranding in this way allows you to cut the stranding to a longer or shorter length than normal should your application require it.

In stock (can be backordered)

Open Top Rod Bag (A2-1)

This specially designed rod bag is made from thick, hard wearing double stitched canvas with a thick reinforced base and a shoulder strap for ease of transport.

In stock (can be backordered)

Rod Spinner Handle (FRB07)

Rodtech UK Van Sticker (C1-2)

These highly visible and desirable stickers differentiate you from your competitors, by highlighting the fact you sweep to the highest standards possible.

Stove Sheet With Rodguide
(Small 50x75cm) (WH7-D2)

This new Sheeting Bundle, comes with a Rod-guide to protect your rods from any sharp edges on tight bends or the throat plate, nobody likes having marks on their equipment.

Available on back-order

Available on back-order


This 10mm Mini click kit has been designed for users cleaning; Solid fuel flues, gas flues, oil flues, Biomass flues, biomass inducting tubes and ducting.

The rods and head will fit through access as small as 25mm and has a capacity to sweep a flue of 150mm (6 inch).

This kit is a base to add to should you wish, but comes as standard with 10 meters of rods (33 feet), drill driver (without button) so you can clean flues from the top or bottom, spare strands and a brush head.

These rods will tackle some of the trickier bends you can find on appliances, the head and ferrules are brass, and therefore highly resistant to acidic environments. These rods will support 15 meters of flue comfortably, and further you can add an 8mm mini click rod to the front as a leader rod, for very awkward flues. Due to the rods being only 10mm in thickness they can be cut so it is advisable to use a rod guide (included in the kit) wherever possible. Also be very aware of sharp edges (such as rain caps) that can score or cut the rod.

Always spin the rods and keep movement in a forward or backward direction. Should you stop this motion and rotate the rods in a static position, there is the possibility you could cut the rod, due to a sharp edge.

At Rodtech we manufacture and supply the World’s Leading Rotary Power Sweeping Equipment. As well as a multitude of Chimney Tools, Dust Management Products, Chimney Sweeping Documents and Chimney Sweep Training

Additional information

Weight3.1 kg
Dimensions100 × 10 × 10 cm

Stove Sheet With Rodguide
(Small 50x75cm) (WH7-D2)






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