Rotary Power Sweeping Rods

We offer a wide range of Professional Chimney Sweeping Rods to suit any application your day may throw at you from Liners with restricted access right up to the largest of Inglenook chimneys the is something to suit every Chimney Sweeping application.

Rod Sizing Guide

8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm / 16mm 18mm
Up to 125mm (5 Inches) where access is very restricted. Up to 150mm (6 Inches) where access is restricted. 125mm (5 Inches) to 200mm (8 Inches) - Lined appliances. 200mm (8 Inches) to 450mm (18 Inches) - Unlined flues, ducting and drains. 450mm (18 Inches) and up - Large Open Fires & Inglenook Chimneys.

Rodtech Click Rods

Rodtech Click Ends - Rodtech UK

The Rodtech Click system uses a unique ‘D’ Shaped ferrule meaning that it does not rely on the button when spinning the rods allowing for a more secure connection as even in the rare event of a button failure as long as the rods are still spinning they will not disconnect in the flue.

The Rodtech Click systems’ unique ferrule shape means it is not compatible with other Chimney Sweeping Equipment. However, with the use of an adapter the rods can be used with the ButtonLok System as well as systems from most other Rotary Power Sweeping Equipment manufacturers.

Connection Diameter: 22mm

Rodtech Mini Click Rods

Rodtech Click Ends - Rodtech UK

As with the Click system the Mini Click uses a ‘D’ shaped ferrule to provide a more reliable connection. 

The Mini Click uses a much smaller connection to allow it to be used where access is restricted and on tighter bends than can be swept using the Click system.

The Mini Click can be connected to the Click system using a Click to Mini Click Adapter or to ButtonLok and other Power Sweeping systems using a ButtonLok to Mini Click Adapter.

Connection Diameter: 15mm

Click Half Rods

Converter Rods

Rodtech ButtonLok Rods

ButtonLok Ferrules - Rodtech UK

The ButtonLok system unlike the Click uses a round connection which means it relies on the button to spin.

The ButtonLok system is compatible with most systems from other manufacturers of Power Sweeping Equipment and can be connected to the Click system using the relevant adapter.

Connection Diameter: 18mm