Hello and welcome to Rodtech UK.

First off, what is Rodtech and what do we do.

Rodtech is owned and run by ex-chimney sweeps and we have designed and manufactured a professional range of chimney sweeping equipment for worldwide use.

For many years chimney sweeps have been manually pushing brushes up and down chimneys on rods which screwed together, to scrub the deposits off. This is very tiring work and with stubborn tarry deposits sometimes exceedingly difficult to do, especially as they could only be turned in one direction or the rods would come undone.

Rods which click together have been around for many years but sweeps still had to use traditional brushes to clean the chimneys.

Once modern cordless drills became better in design with high torque, we as chimney sweeps started making whip head designed, chimney sweeping brushes that could be spun on a drill to clean the chimneys. This worked incredibly well however the screw together rods prevented us from being able to spin anticlockwise to clean the left-hand walls of larger chimneys.

This is where Rodtech was formed and we tried using a struggling American design click together rod system and added our newly designed brush heads to them to clean the chimneys, this was when power sweeping started to be seen as a serious alternative to traditional sweeping. This then led to Rodtech creating a new and improved Click system for simple connection of rods with better security to stop rod disconnections.

We have continued leading the way with many new designs which improved the processes.

Rodtech overcame the many hurdles of getting power sweeping recognised by liner manufactures and insurance companies which then made it globally acceptable.

Rodtech were also the first UK company: –

  • to make all the rods out of a solid material rather than hollow tubes.
  • to move away from nylon rods which could break in cold weather.
  • to crimp the ferrules to the rods to stop the old-style pins from coming out of the rods.
  • Rodtech upgraded its click range to brass to help stop ferrules corroding.
  • Rodtech added an anti-snag ferrules to stop rods catching on protrusions within the chimney.
  • to add toolless heads to its range to make changing brush strands easier.

Rodtech may not have the widest range of brushes on the market, as we believe in making heads to suit what is needed to do the job well, not to just add another brush to sell which does the same thing as everything else.

If you are after equipment made to a higher spec, then you simply need to use Rodtech