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Chimney Sweeping Equipment
Manufactured In the UK

All Rodtech products, including our professional Chimney Sweeping Equipment, are proudly made in the UK. Many of these high-quality products are crafted on-site in Norfolk, with materials sourced locally whenever feasible. We are dedicated to supporting UK businesses, fostering a sense of community and sustainability within the Chimney Sweeping Equipment industry.

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The Most Advanced Rotary Power Sweeping Equipment in the World

Rodtech is renowned for its innovative Chimney Sweeping Equipment, and one of our standout offerings is the Rodtech Brass Click patented rods. These rods are available in 5 unique sizes, each measuring a meter in length, which sets them apart from the standard 3ft rods commonly found in the market. This distinction makes them not only highly efficient but also the most cost-effective rod per foot in the industry.



*UK Mainland only – Excludes remote areas such as The Scottish Highlands

About Rodtech

Welcome to Rodtech UK!

Firstly, let’s delve into what Rodtech is and what we do. At Rodtech, we are a leading manufacturer of professional-grade Chimney Sweeping Equipment, specializing in innovative solutions for chimney sweeps worldwide.

Our journey began with a team of ex-chimney sweeps who understood the challenges of traditional chimney cleaning methods. For years, sweeps manually pushed brushes up and down chimneys using rods that screwed together, a laborious and often strenuous process. These traditional brushes had limitations, as they could only be turned in one direction to avoid the rods coming undone.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient approach, we introduced Power Sweeping. Building on the idea of rods that click together, we created whip head designed chimney sweeping brushes that could be spun using modern cordless drills. This innovation revolutionized chimney cleaning, but the limitations of the screw-together rods still persisted, preventing clockwise cleaning of left-hand chimney walls in larger chimneys.

This is where Rodtech stepped in. We adapted an American click-together rod system and combined it with our newly designed brush heads, ushering in the era of power sweeping as a credible alternative to traditional methods. Our efforts led to the creation of an improved Click system, enhancing rod connectivity and addressing the issue of weak points in the rods.

Our commitment to innovation didn’t stop there. We continued to evolve our products, introducing 3D printed heads that are gentle on liners, preventing damage that could void warranties. As pioneers in the UK power sweeping equipment industry, we worked tirelessly to gain recognition from liner manufacturers and insurance companies, ultimately making power sweeping a globally accepted practice.

At Rodtech, we also set several industry firsts in the UK, including:

  1. Crafting rods from solid materials instead of hollow tubes.
  2. Transitioning away from nylon rods that were prone to breaking in cold weather.
  3. Introducing crimped ferrules to the rods to prevent old-style pins from coming loose.
  4. Upgrading our Click and Buttonlok ranges to brass to combat ferrule corrosion.
  5. Adding anti-snag ferrules to prevent rods from catching on chimney protrusions.
  6. Offering tool-less heads for easier brush strand replacement.

In summary, Rodtech is your trusted partner for cutting-edge chimney sweeping equipment. We’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, making chimney cleaning more efficient and environmentally friendly. Join us in redefining the chimney sweeping industry.

Rodtech UK - A Great British Company - Rotary Power Sweeping Equipment

A Great British Company

All Rodtech Power Sweeping Equipment is manufactured in Great Britain

1 Year Warranty on Chimney Sweeping Equipment

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

All products manufactured by Rodtech are covered by our 1 year warranty

Established 2010

Established in 2010

Proudly supplying Chimney Sweeping Equipment for over a Decade


*UK Mainland only – Excludes remote areas such as The Scottish Highlands